Graha Widya Artha

Community Enabler

Graha Widya Artha established in 2007 by several financial and human resources practitioners. Graha Widya Artha aims for promoting financial literacy for non financial people and also developing practical skills in dealing with human resources management.

Responding to the growing needs of our clients, Graha Widya Artha facilitate and nurture communities to accelerate the impact of our intervention.  We have been facilitating active interaction in some communities : Trilogy of Female, Forum Komunikasi Komite Sekolah Nasional, Ruang Berbagi Ilmu, Rumah Langit, Guru Belajar, etc.

Graha Widya Artha welcome people who are willing to share visions and passions to exchange ideas to become business partners. Let’s just ¬†provide solutions for the community, together we can achieve more!

We welcome interesting creative ideas!


What we are good at.

Graha Widya Artha form the community and undertake different roles in solving community problems and meeting their needs through 3 different models . First, socality development model where the people come together to discuss and decide about the improvement of an area, or locality, emphasizing the broader participation at the local level in goal determination and action.

Second, the social planning model the people come together and gather pertinent facts about the problems, then decide on a rational and feasible course of action. It is a technical process of solving social problems, arranging and delivering goods and services to people who need them. External help is more. Interested group members participate. Broader participation is less.

Third, social action model brings the people to destroy the oppressors. Basic changes in social situations are brought about by organising the affected segment of the population so that they make demands on the larger community for increased resources or better treatment in accordance with social justice and democracy and redistribution of power, resources and decision-making.


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